Skunk2 K Series Ultra Lightweight Magnesium Valve Cover

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Cast from Lightweight Magnesium Alloy

2.75 lbs! (60-percent lighter than aluminum OEM valve cover; 6.9lbs)

Low-profile profile design for additional hood clearance

0.75" lower at timing chain, 1.75" lower at spark plug face

Relocated mounting bolt locations for cleaner symmetry

Includes specialized dipstick, low profile oil cap, and low-profile mounting bolt kit

Raw Magnesium Finish

Two -10 AN vent ports (plugs included)

One -08 AN PCV port with cleanable filter (barb fitting included)

Fits all K20A, K20Z, and K24Z engines**. Does not fit K20C.

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The SKUNK2 K-Series intake and exhaust covers provide a simple storage and transportation solution for serious Honda K-Series engine builders. Racers, custom engine builders and home-garage mechanics all want to protect time and money spent on precious valve seats from any debris entering through the intake and exhaust ports. In the high stakes game of drag racing, time is money and money does not grow on trees yet burns in quarters of a mile! So much of what makes fast cars fast is more than just the parts, it's the hand-labor that takes precious amounts of time! Protect the time you've invested, protect those super precision parts and mating surfaces of that spare head floating around in the race trailer, trunk or pickup bed strapped to plywood and cardboard!  For the customer head-porter shipping hand-ported heads around the world, protect those surfaces! For the crate engine builder shipping engines across the country, protect those surfaces. For the home garage builder working on the long-term performance build, don't just stuff the ports full of rags, protect those surfaces! 

5 Items

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